Monday, October 18, 2010

Taobao is free of charge commitment charges due to question

October 2003, Taobao has a free 5-year slogan into a highly competitive field of C2C e-commerce. 5 years later, in October of this year, Taobao's free commitment will expire, though there have been news that Taobao will be fully charged.

September 16, Sohu Taobao IT and head of public relations related to contact.

The responsible person has not yet committed to the free Taobao due time, In addition, Taobao has just achieved the balance of payments in the last month, so do not take into account the larger charges.

Meanwhile, Sohu Taobao internal IT from receiving information related to informed sources, Taobao has not changed in the near future charging scheme.

Lubbe, senior Internet analyst look that is certain is that, in the free time commitment expires, Taobao will not announce a new free period. He also believes that value-added services and Taobao Taobao Mall has officially started charging, but not like ebay Taobao learning, transaction fees charged to the general sellers and landing fees, implementation of a comprehensive fee.

Another relevant analysts believe that Taobao does not currently charge related with the current situation. Recently, Baidu's C2C platform for the upcoming free, the face of this strong competitor Taobao obviously does not consider that charge at this critical moment, because that is tantamount to a large number of users into Baidu. Meanwhile, the recent past, the Bureau's "Online Shop new regulations" also known as the CPE, in such a delicate point in time, should not choose to charge Taobao.

"Taobao's profit focused on B2C, Ali Mama and value-added services, may later give up free of charge, but now there is no need to fully charge." The analysts said.

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After the operator completed three items off our support AVS

As digital audio and video codec technology, domestic standard, AVS has been from government, industry and the broad support of the people, in many occasions and many articles, the author has repeatedly even behind the AVS. AVS standards of the most important video coding standard has been issued by the Standardization Administration official, come into operation on 1 March.

With friends friends have asked: "MPEG4 how to not work, insist you use AVS?"

I The answer: "MPEG4 how not? Line, including the H.264 standard, including all three meet the IPTV, digital TV and mobile video needs. The question is, when a Chinese and a foreigner holding the same thing placed in front of you, you are willing to give money to whom? When the Chinese people bid lower than foreigners, you are willing to give so much money to foreigners? "

In fact, the author not only not narrow nationalists, and the market economy fans. But things have a stage of development, any country would protect vulnerable industries. I do not deny that supports AVS blending elements of patriotic and national sentiments, but even aside these factors and emotions aside, AVS is still strong everyone's understanding and support. The so-called facts speak for themselves, let us count three items account to see made in China AVS standard, and foreign MPEG4, H.264 one is better?

The first financial account

Economy is the driving force of social and historical development of the first is the fundamental motivation for the operation of markets, since on the market economy, we took off as the economy first and see what the standard cost-effective to use.

Prior to the application based on MPEG2 standard, a set-top box or a built-in MPEG2 TV charges 2.5 dollars. As MPEG4 and H.264 standard commercial, not only the hardware and software to receive royalties, but also to receive programming on-demand, it is clear, for each household, they should bear the cost base is much larger than the USD 2.5, Furthermore, he pays a monthly payment on a considerable amount of on-demand costs. Look at the AVS it, only cost 1 yuan for a nominal cost. AVS Working Group, said the Secretary-General Huang Tiejun, the next decade to provide enterprises with AVS decoder chip can save 1 billion U.S. dollars for the company's real money. In fact, he considered as too conservative in this account. SARFT plans by 2015, China's TV holdings will reach 600 million units. If the completion time, digital television, have adopted MPEG-2 standard, then the total required to pay not less than 600 million MPEG-2 decoder royalties, a total of 1.5 billion.

This also is not, in the recently held "two sessions", academicians, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Chen Junliang members speculate: If 200 million TV using MPEG4 or H.264 standard, need to pay 1 billion U.S. dollars in addition to the MPEG2 patent other than user fees, need to pay: (1) 200 000 000 脳 0.2 缇庡厓 (MPEG2 license fee) = 80 million U.S. dollars; (2) the decoding program user fees, according to the average user per day for each television set to watch two TV series calculation : 200 000 000 脳 0.04 (U.S. dollars / day) 脳 365 days = 2.92 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, the use of MPEG-4 or H.264 standard, the next 10 years China may be charged a total of up 230 billion yuan of MPEG-4 and H.264 royalties. But if you use AVS, then can bring the country 300 billion yuan in industrial scale.

Obviously, operators, equipment manufacturers and consumers, but also means you can save a lot of patent costs and demand charges, dramatically reduce operating costs. .

Second tranche of technical account

Started late and incomplete industry chain is the main reason for the industry are not optimistic about AVS. However, it is because of AVS and H.264 MPEG4 walk in the back, so there is no historical burden, there is no upgrade costs, etc., and start at the beginning, AVS to focus on high-end, forming a large the advantage.

Published technical information on the current view, made AVS and MPEG4, H.264 in the low, AVS and H.264 is better than MPEG4. AVS standard solution is simple, especially commendable is the AVS data compression rate is higher than the international standard - MPEG-4 is 1.4 times of MPEG-2, AVS is the MPEG-2 more than twice. The AVS and H.264 both better technical performance which is no conclusion. However, the industry's general view is: AVS if not beyond H.264, but not less than his. And in some ways, such as compression rate, according to Fan Jianping, deputy director of CAS Institute of Computing, said maintaining the same resolution in the case, AVS data compression rate is higher than international standards. As you know, for network television, the bandwidth problem is the main factor restricting their development, while the compression rate means lower bandwidth requirements, which undoubtedly makes the AVS has great advantages in technology.

The third document development account

In fact, AVS's the advantage lies not only in reduced costs, but also the compatibility advantage. MPEG4 and H.264 with the mutual exclusion of different, AVS start the application taking into account the market factors, technically compatible with MPEG2 standard, and its supporting chips, "Phoenix Core II" is compatible with H.264 standard, which AVS industry makes more conducive to marketing.

Last year, the Ministry of Information Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center and the CAS Institute of Computing, IC Design Center in Ningbo in the Section on core open source issues Fung formally signed, marking the "Phoenix Core 1" the whole society of the open source IP core services officially launched. This, AVS Industry Alliance, said Zhang Weimin, the Secretary-General, the core of open source means phoenix in the industrialization of AVS standard road has taken an important step. The call of the open-source, AVS Working Group member has been extended to include Lenovo, TCL, UT Starcom, Huawei, ZTE and Nokia, Intel, IBM, Philips, including 132 domestic and foreign enterprises or research institutes . Clearly, the development prospects of open source makes the AVS international standards than the two more clearly.

Pull that calculation, I do not know how you feel? It is said that the digital audio and video codec standard of protection, has as one of the three writes MII support in the field, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan". A user said: "So, there is a need to discuss whom to do that?"

Yes ah, being the case, we have no reason not to support the AVS it?






Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Torchlight" HARDCORE mode Survival Guide

Since the light coming out of the torch has been open after the HC model, the results so far no one on No. 15's ... ...

Citie and encourage each of you special transfer, and wait for God teach = = HC

Originally posted address (there is more love comments):

+ In Hardcore mode, just started is the most likely hang up the (actually not so difficult it = =). If you frequently in the first layer on the heroic, it can be difficult under the first pass a simple layers, and then share the items of equipment on the box (Shared Stash, cities and towns north of the box) the difficulty in leaving the No. VH (HC mode characters using a variety of difficult items can be shared).

+ Always remember to upgrade your armor, whether it is loaded with orange or enchantment to the trash. If the store which pieces of equipment, armor and equipment than you are now higher - even if only 1 point - replace. Survival is the most important thing, the output in the second.

+ To return to the city skills (Town Portal Spell) learn and quick column on the TAB, so you can quickly die when Pao Lu, breath coming against monsters - they will not return to the blood.

+ To keep valuable objects are placed to share the box, rather than ordinary storage containers - when you hang up after the characters, at least give leave under a warrior heritage.

+ After the upgrade not to attribute the whole point of causing major property investment in the last, such as Conqueror (Vanquisher) - 5 point nimble, Warlock (Alchemist) - 5 of mental exercise, spoilers (Destroyer) - 5 鐐?power. Best defense for every level rose 1 point, 2 points better.

+ Defense Specialization (Armor Proficiency) This talent is benevolent. You certainly do not fill it up, but there is absolutely nothing wrong points. Because this talent is based on a percentage of additive, so it will be very significant enhancement of armor, especially in the post.

+ Every time returning to the city, remember to buy medicine (do quests to find myrrh to drink half of the tragedy of God passing).

+ Treatment good for your pet. If you are injured trying to escape or would like to use kites tactics, a care of properly Amao / Agou Kangshang while you can. Add life to it wearing necklaces and rings, and in battle it is optimistic about the value of life (of course the most important thing is to look after their own), at any time to give it to wash down medicine 銆怲ip: hold down Shift and then use the solution銆?

+ To learn pet skills. Group therapy (Heal All) and the call is almost essential skills. The more people you bring, they have been set the less chance of fire. But calls archer (Summon Archers), please do not learn, they will only stand still with a long-range attacks, hate pitifully low. Zombie (Summon Zombies) very good, although slow points; Skull (Summon Skeleton) and the flames of the sword (Summon Flaming Sword) is not bad. (Individual or zombie feeling the best, although skeletons can take up to 5, but with only one baby, too little ... ... not to learn the reasons for the fire sword with skull)

+ Roll (KnockBack) effect is also benevolent. When you come, when directed at the enemy, with the repulse you can block them on the road (at least to what is holding them). Remember repel - conqueror of necessities, a good basin Warlock friends, spoilers little partner.

+ Lightning highest. Lightning injuries can cause a fatal blow to the scope of damage effects, used against a group huddled together in the monster could not be better (effect is very beautiful!). Highly toxic and flame properties are suitable for singling out, cold injury is holding for the time in on foot monster ... ... In short, the highest lightning.

Category: red = orange = strong recommendation to the proposed green = yellow = this, you can personal opinion the top blue =



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Listen to the voice of chaos

The early 70s of this century, Princeton University ecologist R 路 May the law in the breeding of insect groups, made a famous model: 蠂 [n +1] = k * 蠂 [n] * (1-蠂 [n ])

Where 蠂 [n] n behalf of the group, said the first number. When given an initial 蠂 [0] value, and then kept iteration, it was found with different k values to obtain the sequence 蠂n There are many interesting phenomena. When the k value is between 0 and 1 when, 蠂 [n] after a certain number of iterations have tended to 0. When the k value is between 1 and 3 hours tend to 1 / k, when k is greater than 3, after a certain number of iterative 蠂 [n] alternate between the two values change, k value increased to 3.449 near the change in value has become the turn 4. Continue to increase the k value, 蠂 [n] the number of alternate values by 4 鈫?8 鈫?16 鈫?32 in the order of the rapid doubling, and finally a chaos. But when the k value of 3.835 near, after a certain number of iterations, 蠂 [n] is simply alternating between the three values change rapidly followed by 3 鈫?6 鈫?12 of the order of rapid growth. So repeatedly, in a simple equation hides surprising complexity. 蠂 [n] with k changes as shown below:

To reflect this complex into the infinite mystery, the following small programs written using TC2.0 with 蠂 [n] size to control the PC speaker sound frequency, set different k values, we can listen to the voice of Chaos .
# Include
# Include
銆??int fMin=20,fMax=16000; /锛奻Min浠h〃鏈?綆棰戠巼锛宖Max浠h〃鏈?珮棰戠巼锛?
銆??int fDis,i,j; /锛奻Dis浠h〃鏈?珮棰戠巼鍜屾渶浣庨鐜囦箣闂寸殑宸?锛?
銆??float x=0.1,k; /锛妜浠h〃x[n]鐨勫ぇ灏忥紝璁惧畾鍏跺垵濮嬪?涓?.1锛屽嵆x[0]=0.1锛?
銆??printf("Please input The value of k(1锛?.0)n"); /锛婅緭鍏鍊硷紛/
銆??printf("If you want to quit,Please input:0n"); /锛婂鏋渒=0閫?嚭锛?
銆??if (k==0) break;
銆??for(i=1;i<100;i锛嬶紜) /锛婂幓闄ゅ紑濮嬬殑100涓偣锛?
銆??for (i=1;i<100;i锛嬶紜){
銆??x=k锛妜锛?1锛峹); /锛婅绠梮鐨勫?锛?
銆??sound(x锛奻Dis锛?0); /锛婄敤x鐨勫?鎺у埗PC鍠囧彮鐨勫彂闊抽鐜囷紛/
銆??delay(1000); }
銆??nosound(); }}
涓嶅仠鍦版敼鍙榢鍊硷紝浠旂粏鑱嗗惉锛屼細鍚埌娣锋矊涓殑鏃犻檺濂ュ銆?br />


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The first part of the Win32 debugging API

In this tutorial we will learn Win32 available to developers for debugging in the original language. At the end of tutorial we will learn how to debug a process.
Download example program.

Win32 for programmers to use some API, which provides the equivalent function of the debugger. They were called the Win32 debugging API (or original language). Use the API, we can:

Load a program or bundled into a running program for debugging on
Obtained by low-level debugging of the program information, such as process ID, enter the address, the image base address and so on.
When the incident occurred and when debugging the notice, such as process / thread start / end, DLL loading / discharge, etc..
Modify the debugging process or thread
In short, we can use the API to write a simple debugger. As some of this subject is too large, I divide it into several parts, but this tutorial is the first part of it. In this tutorial, I will explain some of basic concepts and the general framework of the Win32 debugging API.
Use the Win32 debugging API, the following steps:

Create a process or tied to a running processes. This is the first step in using the Win32 debugging API. As our program to play the role of the debugger, we find a program for debugging. A program being debugged is called To debuggee. can be obtained in two ways debuggee:
Created by CreateProcess debuggee process. In order to create a process being debugged, you must specify DEBUG_PROCESS flag. This flag tells Windows that we want to debug the process. Debuggee occur when important events related with the debug (debug event), Windows will give us The program sends notification. debuggee immediately suspended to wait for our program ready. If debuggee also created a child process, Windows will for each child in the process of debugging events to send notification to our programs. This feature is usually not necessary. we can specify a combination of signs DEBUG_PROCESS DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS and to ban it.
We can also use the DebugActiveProcess flag tied to a running processes.
Waiting for debug events. Debuggee process in obtaining a post, debuggee the main thread is suspended, the situation will continue to call WaitForDebugEvent up our procedures. WaitForXXX this function and other similar functions, for example, it blocks the calling thread until waiting for events. For this function, it wait for Windows to send debug events from the. Here is its definition:
WaitForDebugEvent proto lpDebugEvent: DWORD, dwMilliseconds: DWORD

lpDebugEvent is the address of a DEBUG_EVENT this structure will be filled on the debuggee debug events that occur in the information.

dwMilliseconds the function to wait for debugging events of the time, in milliseconds. If there is no time to debug the incident, WaitForDebugEvent return to the caller. On the other hand, if the parameter is designated as INFIN99vE constant, the function will have to wait until the debug events .

Now we look at DEBUG_EVENT structure.

dwDebugEventCode dd?
dwProcessId dd?
dwThreadId dd?

dwDebugEventCode The value specifies the wait events occurred in the type of debugging. because there are many types of events occur, our procedure to check the value, know the type of events and respond. The value of the possible values are as follows:

Value meaning
CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT process is created. When debuggee process has just been created (not running) or our program just to DebugActiveProcess tied to a process running when the event occurs. This is our procedure should be the first event.
EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT process exit.
CREATE_THEAD_DEBUG_EVENT When a new thread is created in deuggee process or our program to run in the first binding event occurs during the process. It should be noted that when debugge the main thread is created will not receive the notice.
EX99v_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT debuggee the thread exit event. Debugee exit the main thread does not receive the notice. We believe that the main thread and debugge debuggee process is synonymous. So when we see CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT signs the procedure, the main thread it is CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT logo.
LOAD_DLL_DEBUG_EVENT debuggee into a DLL. When the PE loader DLL first decomposition point to a link, we will receive the event. (When you call CreateProcess into debuggee time) and when debuggee also occurs when calling LoadLibrary.
UNLOAD_DLL_DEBUG_EVENT a DLL is unloaded from debuggee events.
EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT in debuggee abnormal events occur. Note: This event is only the beginning in debuggee took place before the first instruction of its time. Exception is actually a debug interrupt (int 3h). If you want to restore debuggee things to DBG_CONTINUE signs calling ContinueDebugEvent function. Do not use the logo or debuggee DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED refuse to run in the NT (Win98 to run well).
OUTPUT_DEBUG_STRING_EVENT when debuggee DebugOutputString function call to send a message to our string when the event occurs.
RIP_EVENT system debugging error

dwProcessId and dwThreadId debug the course of events took place and thread Id. We can use these values as we are interested in the process or thread identifier. Remember, if we use CreateProcess to load debuggee, we can get debuggee in PROCESS_INFO the process of structural and thread. We can use these values to different debug event occurred in debuggee in the process or its children (if not specified DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS signs).

u is a joint, including the commissioning event for more information. dwDebugEventCode different according to the above, it can be the following structure:

dwDebugEventCode u explained
EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT structure called ExitProcess the EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO
EX99v_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT structure called ExitThread the EX99v_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT
EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT structure called the Exception of EXCEPTION_DEBUG_INFO
RIP_EVENT structure called RipInfo of RIP_INFO

In this tutorial I will not say all of these structures in detail, here only to talk about CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO structure in detail.
Suppose our program calls the WaitForDebugEvent function and returns, the first thing we need to do is to check the value in terms debuggee dwDebugEventCode process occurred in the type of debug event. For example, if dwDebugEventCode value CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT, on u can be considered a member of the CreateProcessInfo with u.CreateProcessInfo to visit.

In our program, do the debugging event response. When WaitForDebugEvent return, which means that the process took place in the debuggee debug event or timeout occurred. So our procedure to check dwDebugEventCode to make an appropriate response. Here are some like handling Windows messages: the user to select and ignore messages.
Continue to run debuggee. When the debug event occurs, Windows hangs a debuggee, so when we finished with debugging event, but also to debuggee continue. ContinueDebugEvent function call to complete the process.
ContinueDebugEvent proto dwProcessId: DWORD, dwThreadId: DWORD, dwContinueStatus: DWORD

The function recovery as thread debugging events pending.
dwProcessId and dwThreadId is to restore the thread's process ID and thread ID, usually the two values from DEBUG_EVENT structure dwProcessId and dwThreadId members are.
dwContinueStatus report shows how to debug the event thread. There are two possible values: DBG_CONTINUE and DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. For most debugging events, the two values are the same: to restore the thread. The only exception is EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT, if the thread is reported in an exception debug event, which means that the thread in the debuggee an exception occurs. If you specify DBG_CONTINUE, the thread will ignore its own exception handling section and continue. In this case, our process must be to DBG_CONTINUE restoration of prior thread and handle the exception, or exceptions will be endless if we continue to occur .... DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED specified value, is to tell Windows that our procedure does not handle the exception: Windows will use the default exception handler debuggee to deal with exception.
In short, if our program does not consider the exceptions, and debugging process of the event has a point debuggee exception, it should call the function with DBG_CONTINUE logo ContinueDebugEvent. Otherwise, our program will have to DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED call ContinueDebugEvent. But in following this circumstances must DBG_CONTINUE signs: the first members of the value in ExceptionCode EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT of EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT event. When debuggee started its first instruction, our function will receive exception debug event. It is in fact a debug interrupt (int 3h). If we are to respond to DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED call ContinueDebugEvent debug events, Windows NT will refuse debuggee (because it is no exception handling). So in this case, the use DBG_CONTINUE flag tells Windows that we want the thread to continue execution.

Continue the above steps until the debuggee process cycle exit. Our program must be a message loop like the infinite loop until the end debuggee. The cycle of roughly as follows:
. While TRUE
invoke WaitForDebugEvent, addr DebugEvent, INFIN99vE
. Break. If DebugEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT

invoke ContinueDebugEvent, DebugEvent.dwProcessId, DebugEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
. Endw

That is, when starting the debugger, we can not debuggee separate program until it ended.

Let us summarize these steps:

Create a process or a bundle of our program to run the processes.
Wait for the debug events
Response debug event.
Continue debuggee.
To continue this endless loop until the end of the process debuggee
This example shows debug a win32 program and handle, such as process, process Id, image base address and so on.

. Model flat, stdcall
option casemap: none
includelib masm32libkernel32.lib
includelib masm32libcomdlg32.lib
includelib masm32libuser32.lib
. Data
AppName db "Win32 Debug Example no.1", 0
FilterString db "Executable Files", 0, "*. exe", 0
db "All Files", 0 ,"*.*", 0,0
ExitProc db "The debuggee exits", 0
NewThread db "A new thread is created", 0
EndThread db "A thread is destroyed", 0
ProcessInfo db "File Handle:% lx", 0dh, 0Ah
db "Process Handle:% lx", 0Dh, 0Ah
db "Thread Handle:% lx", 0Dh, 0Ah
db "Image Base:% lx", 0Dh, 0Ah
db "Start Address:% lx", 0
. Data?
buffer db 512 dup (?)
startinfo STARTUPINFO <>
. Code
mov ofn.lStructSize, sizeof ofn
mov ofn.lpstrFilter, offset FilterString
mov ofn.lpstrFile, offset buffer
mov ofn.nMaxFile, 512
invoke GetOpenFileName, ADDR ofn
. If eax == TRUE
invoke GetStartupInfo, addr startinfo
invoke CreateProcess, addr buffer, NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE, DEBUG_PROCESS + DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS, NULL, NULL, addr startinfo, addr pi
. While TRUE
invoke WaitForDebugEvent, addr DBEvent, INFIN99vE
. If DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr ExitProc, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Break
. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke wsprintf, addr buffer, addr ProcessInfo, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.hFile, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.hProcess, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.hThread, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.lpBaseOfImage, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.lpStartAddress
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr buffer, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT
. If DBEvent.u.Exception.pExceptionRecord.ExceptionCode == EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT
invoke ContinueDebugEvent, DBEvent.dwProcessId, DBEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_CONTINUE
. Continue
. Endif
. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr NewThread, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EX99v_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr EndThread, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Endif
invoke ContinueDebugEvent, DBEvent.dwProcessId, DBEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
. Endw
invoke CloseHandle, pi.hProcess
invoke CloseHandle, pi.hThread
. Endif
invoke ExitProcess, 0
end start

Program first fill OPENFILENAME structure, called GetOpenFileName allows users to choose to debug procedures.

invoke GetStartupInfo, addr startinfo
invoke CreateProcess, addr buffer, NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE, DEBUG_PROCESS + DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS, NULL, NULL, addr startinfo, addr pi

When receiving the user selection, call the CreateProcess loader. And call the default value of fill GetStartupInfo STARTUPINFO structure. NOTE We will DEBUG_PROCESS mark and logo combination DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS only debug the program, not including the child process.

. While TRUE
invoke WaitForDebugEvent, addr DBEvent, INFIN99vE

Is loaded in the debuggee, we call WaitForDebugEvent into endless loop debugging, WaitForDebugEvent debug event occurs in the debuggee returns, because we specified INFIN99vE as the second argument. When debug event occurs, WaitForDebugEvent back and fill DBEvent structure.

. If DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr ExitProc, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Break

We first check dwDebugEventCode of value if it is EX99v_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT, with a message box displays "The debuggee exits" and exit the debugging cycle.

. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke wsprintf, addr buffer, addr ProcessInfo, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.hFile, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.hProcess, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.hThread, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.lpBaseOfImage, DBEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo.lpStartAddress
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr buffer, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION

If dwDebugEventCode value CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT, we show some interest in the message box the bottom of the information. The information obtained from the u.CreateProcessInfo. CreateProcessInfo a CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO type of structure. You can access Win32 API access to it for more information e .

. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT
. If DBEvent.u.Exception.pExceptionRecord.ExceptionCode == EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT
invoke ContinueDebugEvent, DBEvent.dwProcessId, DBEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_CONTINUE
. Continue
. Endif

If dwDebugEventCode value EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT, we will further check the exception type. It is a lot of nested structure, but we can get from the exception type ExceptionCode members. If ExceptionCode value EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT and was the first place (or we No known deuggee int 3h instructions), we can safely assume that the first instruction to be executed in debuggee this exception occurs when. in our completion of these processing, you can call ContinueDebugEvent with DBG_CONTINUE to continue debuggee. Then we continue to wait next debug events.

. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr NewThread, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Elseif DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EX99v_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT
invoke MessageBox, 0, addr EndThread, addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONINFORMATION
. Endif

If dwDebugEventCode value CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT or EX99v_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT, our program displays a message box.

invoke ContinueDebugEvent, DBEvent.dwProcessId, DBEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
. Endw

In addition to the above discussed EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT, with signs calling ContinueDebugEvent function DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED resume debuggee implementation.

invoke CloseHandle, pi.hProcess
invoke CloseHandle, pi.hThread

When debuggee the end, we jumped out of the debugging cycle, this time to close the thread and process handles debuggee. To close the handle does not mean to shut down these processes and threads. Just not use these handles Bale.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Easy to have a BT download wizard assistant

There are many people that use BitTorrent to download files, not the majority of resource consumption, is the download speed is too slow. Most people think that, with BitTorrent to download files, far from easy to use FlashGet to download files. Do not worry, today, I would like to tell you about a client FlashGet of BT - Bit Wizard, use it not only allows all the features of BitTorrent, but it also extended a lot of other features easy to operate.

Software Name: Bit Wizard (BitSpirit)
Software Type: Freeware
Latest version: V2.5 full version of multi-language
Software size: 3402KB
Here we look at how to manage this function "comprehensive" and "strong" in BT client software.

First, initialize the settings

Bits of the first run wizard will pop up, "Bit Wizard Setup Wizard", shown in Figure 1, if you set bit more familiar with the wizard, you can click on the "Skip Wizard" ignore it, but I recommend that every Bitspirit users are seriously the best run a setup wizard, so Bitspirit suit your network environment with minimal system resources to achieve optimal download speed. In Figure 1, click the "Next" in the drop-down list box, depending on your connection mode, select the bandwidth type (Figure 2). Can be seen from the figure, the bandwidth for each type, the wizard is given the global (all tasks) and even the most Dalian into a number, and the global maximum download speed and upload speed, you can according to their needs changes, but need to point out that the speed limit option, mainly to prevent Bitspirit exclusive network bandwidth is affected by other activities, so please do not blindly limit upload speed. Practice has proved that only by maintaining reasonable download and upload speeds than can be ideal download speed.

In the bit of the wizard setup wizard, the more important to set the caching mechanism and also bit the wizard extensions, if you do not know how to set up, you can use the default settings, introduced in the back, I will give a simple explanation .

Second, seed production and distribution of documents

We turn first to the operating mechanism BT Download: The BT download, but also the participation of the server, but this server does not save the downloaded file, where the server rather with an "agency", its role is in accordance with production of a specific program called the suffix ". torrent" file "guidance" between the various users to download files (using BT to download, regardless of whether a file is downloaded, some can be downloaded by other users to download a file, can be divided into several parts to download from multiple users, so this download method, the more the number of downloads, the download speed will be faster), this document we call it "seed document", so, here, let me introduce about how to use Bit Wizard and how to make seed paper seed file upload that is posted to the server.

Bitspirit seed production has built a program file in the menu bar, select "function 鈫?making seed file", shown in Figure 3, in the pop-up dialog box, select the downloaded file or directory, add the Tracker Server The URL (BT issued a number of stations in the index page to find the address), and then download the file size was chosen block size, click on the "production" in the pop-up dialog box, select the location of saved seed file, click "OK", wait to make good a seed file (should be noted that the seed file has been downloaded files only block information, the real files downloaded or stored on the local computer).

The next job is to seed the file upload to the server for others to download. Associated with BT in some forums, I see many posts asking how to publish your own seed file, the following, I will give an example to make a good seed we have documents posted to the "Wandering in the bit-BT alliance release station" on.

First, log on to the "Wandering in the bit BT Union Station released (", where all or Category index a large number of BT resource. Shown in Figure 4, right-click the resource name or the shortcut menu, choose "Download with Bit Wizard" can pop up Bitspirit "Add" dialog box. Resource name in the back there are some "discussion" link, click it, you can also connect to a forum discussion board to view or publish the views or opinions of the seeds. Click "Profile", you can see the seeds of the publisher's description, "size" reflects the seed contains all of the downloaded file size, behind the "seed", "download", "complete" and "flow" of the number of real-time response to the current popularity level of the seed, and their number will directly affect your download speed and you can complete the download of the seed. The top of the page, there is a "Click here to publish" button, click on this button, you can open the seed release pages (most of the BT resources index release station are such structures).


Shown in Figure 5, this is the "Wandering in the bit BT Union Station release," the release page, click on the "Browse" button to select the seed file's local path in the drop-down list box, select their type of file being downloaded, and then in the "File name "and" File description "text box, enter the file being downloaded brief description and explanation, in the" Forum URL ", type a forum for discussion of the seeds of the page address (be first a forum to discuss the relevant sections of hair paste , then copy and paste the paste over), and finally click "OK", now, on the release of your seed file to the server, and later, others can be in "Wandering in the bit-BT alliance release station" to download your file or seeds Paste in the discussion published in the discussions on your views of a seed.

Seed files to the server after the others To download your file, you also of the downloaded file "seeding." Such as eMule, Shareaza and other P2P software, people To download the file, first you have to "share" the downloaded file, in the BT download is the same, except we first have to seed the file upload to the server, you also of the been downloaded file-sharing, but this sharing method, and other P2P software to share methods, it is called a difference in terminology, the BT download, we share called "seeding" the downloaded file is called "seeds." Here I will guide you to do a glorious "seed."

In Figure 3, the production of good seed, click the "Publish" button, or menu bar on the implementation of the "File 鈫?Open Torrent File" command, select the production of good seed file and click "OK" in pop-up "Add" dialog box again, click "OK" to close the "Add" dialog box, this time you will find, in the Task List window to add a task with an upward arrow, which shows that you are sharing the file has begun to "do planted" . Be noted that, because you are the publisher, so you are the first tablets of the file "seed", if you do not have a second seed culture to stop the task or offline, may cause other downloaders can not be completed Download the file, I suggest you carry forward the spirit of selflessness in their free time, the menu bar, select "Task 鈫?From (routine testing)" or "task 鈫?Upload (fast test)" do more for a species.

Third, the task of adding and download

In the default settings, when you double-click a local seed file in the browser or click on a seed file link, will open the "Add" dialog box, shown in Figure 6, where you can control with the task into with a number and download upload speed, you can choose to save the file to be downloaded or the number of cache blocks, the following, I mainly introduce the dialog box on the "Add Server" and "File Settings" tab .

鈷?additional server. Sometimes the seed file containing the server address is invalid, then, if you know the other servers are the seed file, you can add these server addresses in, bit the wizard will automatically go to these servers to obtain seed information, "guidance" you continue to download the file (Figure 7).


鈷?file set. In the "Add" dialog box "File Settings" tab, select the "Torrent file download stops when running tasks", then bit the wizard will only download via HTTP or FTP seed file, the download is complete, the task to stop it does not "guide" us to peer connection there to download has been downloaded file, then click toolbar to "edit" button, open the "Edit" dialog box on the switch to the "File Settings" tab , you will see the name of the file being downloaded has a list of where, and if the download file contains multiple files, you can just select the file for download (Figure 8). A few days ago, I discovered the Internet cartoon "Tom and Jerry", using bits wizard download, only to find that the seeds have 4.2GB much can I free space less than 2GB, use the above method, I found that the seed contains about 6 are 700MB CD-ROM image file, I first select the first CD-ROM image file to download, download watch, I feel bad quality, remove the CD immediately after burning mirror, and then choose the second CD image again download, so again, it downloaded all 4.2GB of "Tom and Jerry" (This time, 鍜?son blessed ^_^)銆?br />

Need to point out that, if the BT download download has started you have Keyi During the download process to stop or start the selected file in the download, by: In the information window of the "File 閫夐」" tab, select Yao stop or start the file, click on the "do not download" or "download" button.

FlashGet Bit Wizard provides a similar interface, the download process, you can very easily view and manage download tasks, you can view the selected task on the other connection information, and even can be selected on the other connection is closed or blacklist, because of limited space, here I will not drag on, and the following graphic shows some of the main window, hoping to master the bits you use the wizard help.

Figure 9 is a description of the task list window;

Figure 10 is the Information window tabs and status bar in all of the contents of the description;


Figure 11-1, Figure 11-2 is an information window "Connection Information" tab description.

4, seed market

In the BT download, The role of the seed file is very important to obtain the seed file, BT client, where you can get seeds from the server information, and then "guide" users "point" of the download.

Seed file achieve, most BT clients are through HTTP or FTP method to some of BT resource site for download, Bitspirit the original "seed the market" function, for the acquisition and exchange of seed files opened up a new way .

If you are in "Settings Wizard" is enabled global De seed markets function, when you are with such a user established a connection, if the client has to support each other's BS extension agreement which is a list of his goods will be automatically sent to the you, you can download these goods to add a new task.
Be noted that, if the other party's goods are not sent over the link information including the torrent files, Ze can not add new tasks, then, you can click the "鎻愬嚭 request" button to each other directly, "obtain" seed file, if the other side of the BT customers BS expanded agreement also supports client and set the "allowed to send seeds", wait, the seed file will be sent to you automatically in the background, transmission has been completed, you will find, in the "Status" column with "OK" the words Now, you can click on the "Add new task" to establish a new download task (Figure 12).

In the bit wizard, the other to send over a list of goods displayed in the "other goods" folder in "my goods" folder, show me come automatically or manually add the goods, they will automatically be sent to support the BS extended protocol peer connection for each user there. If you do not set the wizard select "Add my mission to seed the market for my goods," the goods are automatically added to "my goods", in the task list, you can right-click menu, select "Add mission to market "manually to" my goods, "added goods. In addition, add tasks, in the "Add" dialog box, select "add this task to seed my goods in the supermarket", you can automatically add the goods to the "my goods" folder. Be noted that, in order to facilitate the users to download a new task, the best in the "link" or "Comments" text box, specify the link seed file, so even if you is down or does not exist and the users currently connected users You can also specify the link address under a new download task.

Finally should be emphasized that, in the "other goods" folder to display the goods, after seven days in default, the list of goods will be from the "withdrawal", if you want to save a long goods, you can " period "in the modified date, then" click Save goods "can be.

5, optimization and techniques

鈷?in some forums, some people comment that the bit memory occupied by a great wizard, in fact, bits of the memory occupied by the wizard can be controlled completely. The Internet, there is a view, BT download is rather large files, particularly large file to download a few GB, due to frequent long drives to read and write, would increase the burden on the hard disk, hard disk damage caused, To do this, take a larger bit wizard way to reduce the disk cache on the hard disk read and write times, but increase the disk cache, it will certainly take up more memory, so memory footprint and hard drive protection is a contradiction, the so-called fish and eat it can not have both. However, if you do not believe or do not care about BT download on the hard disk damage, the author is here given some of the methods reduce the memory footprint for you to use: First, edit the task properties, the number of blocks will reduce the number of cache; Second, "Personal Settings" dialog box there are options: When available memory is too low free memory and the memory pool utilization is not high compression memory pool, adjust the settings of these parameters can also increase the amount of available memory.

鈷?in the use of BT download process, will produce large amounts of disk fragmentation, in the "Add" dialog box, select "at the beginning of pre-allocated disk space before downloading" check box, you can effectively reduce disk fragmentation. Chosen this option, the wizard will download the bit allocation of disk space in advance, the task Bijiao 澶?the time, it may be of Fei long time and consume more of CPU resources, but was able to greatly reduce the 纾佺洏 debris and to ensure there is sufficient space to complete the download task. If not selected, then bit the wizard will quickly enter the connection state, but can not guarantee that there is enough disk space (in the download process, if disk space, the wizard will automatically suspend the task bits), and may have some disk fragments. Need to be reminded that if you need to repeatedly select a file to download, please do not pre-allocated space in order to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

鈷?bit of the wizard in the "Connection Information" tab, Bitspirit the possibility of providing estimates of task completion, which completion of the task is divided into poor, not bad, good, very good and nice 5 grades, according to the writer's experience , download large files, on the poor, not bad rating task, do not hold too much fantasy, remove as soon as possible to prevent the waste of time (I use BT to download at an early time, certain tasks stuck in one of the following 100% position, and now this year, say those who devote too little, quite a number task, until now not heading for a well-intentioned people come to me for a kind of let me complete the download).

鈷?Bit Wizard also provides search functions, in the search box to find the resources we want the key word, click on "Search" icon, BT simultaneously in multiple search engines to find resources we need to seed. Bitspirit integrated BT resources we used several search engines, you can customize the search engine, in the search, you can selectively use these search engines. Be noted that, in the default settings, because the window limit, you can not define and select from the search engines. Way to solve the above problem is: in "View" menu, cancel the right "Show toolbar" option, click on "Search" icon on the small arrow next, select the appropriate command on the menu, you can achieve the functions of the above.


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Modern Shipbuilding Mode Of The Piping Manufacturer

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SMIC is developing a 65 nanometer process

Popular concern to the industry across the Taiwan Strait China's largest chip manufacturer "SMIC" disclosed today in Shanghai, is actively developing 65 nanometer chip manufacturing process, expected to be in January 2007 began trial production.

Currently ranked third in the world of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co., Ltd. today held in 2006 in Shanghai, the annual technical seminars, and take this opportunity to disclose recent development of a number of enterprises. Chennai Yong, vice president, according to the company introduced in Beijing has mainland China is the only one 12 inches SMIC wafer production line has been successful in Beijing factory production 90 nm products, 65 nanometer process technology is under active research and development .

According to reports, SMIC in Shanghai twelve-inch wafer production line is still in construction phase, expected before the end of the year can be installed into the stage. In addition, the mainland government recently with the "Rise of Central China" strategy and started the project in Wuhan, but also smoothly and is expected in the first half of 2008 pilot production.

China chip manufacturing as a "leading", SMIC was started six years ago, the global chip industry, "cutting-edge." It was at that six years, China's largest Luyi Yue demand for the world's largest chip market.

Currently in Shanghai, SMIC three eight-inch fabs around about 100,000. Industry analysis, if the company successfully developed 65-nanometer manufacturing process, will go hand in hand with the world advanced technology.

More than 30 from around the world SMIC customers and downstream partners attended the workshop. Many mainland IC design customers, on the ground expressed great interest in understanding the SMIC. Some customers are still on-site set up booths to display intelligent modules, cell libraries, as well as packaging and testing, and design services.

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