Monday, October 18, 2010

Taobao is free of charge commitment charges due to question

October 2003, Taobao has a free 5-year slogan into a highly competitive field of C2C e-commerce. 5 years later, in October of this year, Taobao's free commitment will expire, though there have been news that Taobao will be fully charged.

September 16, Sohu Taobao IT and head of public relations related to contact.

The responsible person has not yet committed to the free Taobao due time, In addition, Taobao has just achieved the balance of payments in the last month, so do not take into account the larger charges.

Meanwhile, Sohu Taobao internal IT from receiving information related to informed sources, Taobao has not changed in the near future charging scheme.

Lubbe, senior Internet analyst look that is certain is that, in the free time commitment expires, Taobao will not announce a new free period. He also believes that value-added services and Taobao Taobao Mall has officially started charging, but not like ebay Taobao learning, transaction fees charged to the general sellers and landing fees, implementation of a comprehensive fee.

Another relevant analysts believe that Taobao does not currently charge related with the current situation. Recently, Baidu's C2C platform for the upcoming free, the face of this strong competitor Taobao obviously does not consider that charge at this critical moment, because that is tantamount to a large number of users into Baidu. Meanwhile, the recent past, the Bureau's "Online Shop new regulations" also known as the CPE, in such a delicate point in time, should not choose to charge Taobao.

"Taobao's profit focused on B2C, Ali Mama and value-added services, may later give up free of charge, but now there is no need to fully charge." The analysts said.

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